3d modelling-title

Step Above has successfully completed several large-scale 3D modelling projects ranging from 10ha to 130ha. We specialize in complex HV line crossings tie-ins, river and mountain crossings of new build projects. Assisting with accurate spatial information in the form of point clouds, contours UHD Video and RGB photography. This information is used by project managers, engineers and principal contractors alike to better plan, execute and complete these often dangerous and critical phases of construction. Our deliverable is compatible with PLS-Cad, Autodesk and MicroStation software that is currently being used in the marketplace. We also offer a drafting service in all these packages.

what we offer
- Line profiling
- Dense point clouds with variable spacing
- Classified point clouds
- Contours
- Project progress monitoring
- Confirmation of staking table position and accuracy
- 3D modelling of terrain for hard to reach areas like river and mountain crossings
- 3D modelling of existing towers indicating position, height and type
- 3D modelling of conductors
- As-built surveys for bridges, buildings and plants